Financial Information

Account numbers and deposit handling
EC VAT no.: HU 18146097
Accounts are held at Budapest Bank Zrt. – H-1138 Budapest, Váci út 193.
Bank account no.: 10103104-06237500-01003007
IBAN no.: HU63-10103104-06237500-01003007
EUR account no.: 10103104-06237500-01004307
IBAN no: HU77-10103104-06237500-01004307
Corporate HUF deposit account: 10103104-06237500-03003003
IBAN code: HU71-10103104-06237500-03003003
Corporate EUR deposit account: 10103104-06237500-01003306
IBAN code: HU41-10103104-06237500-01003306
Private individuals’ deposit account: 10103104-06237500-02003000
IBAN code: HU08-10103104-06237500-02003000

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