Software development? Licensing? Online store operations? IT system maintenance? Domain disputes? GDPR and Data protection?

Some aspects of IT law that requires a special knowledge and experience.

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The information and technology law indicates a field of law involving several complex branch of regulations. Having said that, belongs here – among others – the regulation on informatics services, e-trading, the legal questions arisen in connection to the use of the Internet, and supplementary fields of information services and data protection.


Whether it’s software development (boxed version, custom, modular or application), licensing questions we will answer your questions and represent your interests.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) made it mandatory to respect the rules on the protection of personal data of natural persons and the regulations on the free movement of personal data.

With the help of our qualified colleagues who have knowledge in the related legal areas, our Office can help you as a Data Controller in the orientation with the legislation modified by the data protection rules, furthermore we can provide counseling regarding the contracts that are to be concluded inevitably due to such changes.

With such relevant experience we can draft and provide:

§ Privacy Policies,

§ Information on data protection,

§ Data asset measurement,

§ Data infringement protocols and

§ Cookie policies.

We also provide counseling during the review of individual contracts, such as

§ Data Controlling Agreements concluded with clients,

§ Data Processing Agreements concluded with partners,

§ Service Contracts concluded with server providers.

The size of your business may require the use of a complex IT policy the drafting of you can also leave to us.

In the case of need we also provide Data protection officer services to our clients for a monthly retainer fee.

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Should you have a webshop, you ought to have the customers informed which company they conclude a contract with in case of a purchase, and thus it’s not sufficient to provide a company name and a phone number. Furthermore, the customer’ rights have to be indicated, e.g. right of cancellation.

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According to the decision of the European Court of Justice, indexing personal data and listing thereof are considered the handling of personal data, and thus equilibrium of the interest of search engine users and privacy of individuals must be respected. The binding and directly effective decision in the European Union should have important impact on the data handling on the internet.

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In what cases may a domain be violating the law? From a legal point of view a domain may be troublesome typically if in contrary to the regulations on trademarks, use of (business) names and further related rights.

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In cases, when you are not signing printed license contract, the acceptance and acknowledgement of such, and the from when its stepping into account occurs during installation by clicking/ticking the “Acceptance” option.

The future of the European data market – the Data Act

The future of the European data market – the Data Act

In our increasingly data-driven world, there is an increasing urgency to create more consistent regulations. Emphasis is placed on the decentralization of the already centralized data market, and the exact purpose for which the data is used is not a side issue.

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A long awaited change: 15% tax in Hungary on crypto gains

A long awaited change: 15% tax in Hungary on crypto gains

The Hungarian government is planning to lower most of the tax burdens as a means of restarting the economy after the devastating effects of the corona virus. Part of the planned changes in taxation includes lowering the tax on incomes after cryptocurrency related activities. The new laws have not yet been accepted by Parliament, based on the current goals of the government however we can expect a welcome change in the taxation of crypto assets. We have summarized the most important expected changes below.

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Harmonisation of Hungarian information protection law with GDPR

Harmonisation of Hungarian information protection law with GDPR
In the past months, one of the most relevant news and legal topic has been that of data processing. And alas the regulation of data processing in Hungary has arrived to a new milestone on July 17th 2018, when the Hungarian Parliament adopted an amendment of Act 113 of...
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